Innocent Victim Nicholas Samuel Markowitz kidnapped and executed because of Jesse James Hollywood’s, selfish and coward choices. Nick’s half brother, Ben owed Jesse James Hollywood money for a drug debt. The feud between Ben and Jesse cost Nick his life.
Jesse James Hollywood, America's Most Wanted, was CAPTURED March 8, 2005 and $70,000.00 reward was paid by Nick's parents. He is the master mini-mind behind Nick's murder. He is awaiting his day in court for kidnapping and murder, and eligible for the death penalty.
Jury selection will begin on April 27, 2009. Jesse's four accomplices are in custody and listed below.
Ryan James Hyot - Erased his $200 drug debt owed to him for shooting Nick in the face and torso 9 times with Jesse's TEC 9.
Trial date: Oct/Nov, 2001. Found Guilty of First Degree murder with special circumstances. Judge Orders: Death!
Jesses Taylor Rugge - Drove the van that kidnapped Nick and had Nick in his custody and care for over 80 hours. He was the one who duct taped Nick, walked him to his 12" grave and helped bury him.
Trial date: April/May, 2002. The confession considered inadmissible due to coercion. Found guilty of Kidnapping For Ransom, which serves a life sentence, but with parole! Only in America!
Graham Pressley - showed Ryan Hoyt the spot in which to dig the grave. Graham dug the 12" grave that Nick was put into. Tried twice as an adult in 2002. Found guilty of second degree murder which serves a life sentence. Sentenced as a youth. Sent to California Youth Authority till he is 25. Released 2007.
William Skidmore - helped beat up and kidnap Nick. Pleaded guilty to felony counts of kidnapping and robbery two weeks before he was scheduled to begin trial on charges that could have resulted in a life sentence. In exchange for his plea, the District Attorney's office dismissed a murder count. Sentenced up to 9 years with parole. RELEASED in April 2009.
Adding to the tragedy were approximately 32 people and two "911" telephone calls that could have saved Nick's life.
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